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Spring 2018 courses

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Courses for Preston Residential College residents only!
CRN: 57393
L. Lomicka Anderson

Cultural Inquiry: Morocco (3 credits)
This course will focus on Moroccan culture including gender equality, ethnicity, religion, and class. The course will consist of small group meetings, followed by a two-week excursion to the country of Morocco. In addition to active, participatory experiences that enhance learning, students will develop critical thinking and experiential learning skills. The class will include presentations before the country excursion, assignments and short readings, travel to Morocco for about 10 days, journaling (i.e. both personal reflections and responding to prescribed topics) and pre-departure meetings.

  • Fulfills Carolina Core GSS

CRN: 42464
G. Deinert

Poetics of Resistance: Researching and Writing about Counterculture & Social Activitsm in America
(3 credits)

In an age marked by a resurgence in social activism and political tension on a nationwide stage, this course aims to explore the lineage in twentieth century America of contemporary social movements, particularly Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, and Occupy Wall Street. These movements have rich histories that stretch deep into American history, from Civil Rights to Black Power to NOW, SNCC, the NAACP, Woodstock, the Vietnam War riots, Roe v. Wade, the birth of American punk and rap, and much more. While this course cannot be entirely comprehensive in scope given the breadth of the material, I envision this as an opportunity for all of us to engage in some intellectual archaeology as we plumb the historical lineages of contemporary social movements that impact our everyday lives and may have a constitutive impact on the America of the future.

  • Pre-requisite: ENGL101
  • Fulfills Carolina Core CMW and INF

CRN: 50733
D. Moscowitz

Public Speaking (3 credits)
Speech 140 is an introduction to theory and practice of oral communication in public, social, and institutional contexts. Includes foundational and cumulative training in the invention, performance, and critical analysis of oral communication, with emphasis on argumentation, persuasion, audience analysis, delivery, and ethical forms of engagement.

  • Pre-requisite: none
  • Fulfills Carolina Core CMS

CRN: 56744
M. Petkewich

Elementary Statistics (3 credits)
An introductory course in the fundamentals of modern statistical methods. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, random sampling, tests of hypotheses, estimation, simple linear regression, and correlation. To give students from throughout the university a non-calculus based introduction to the application of modern statistical methods including descriptive and inferential statistics. To show students that statistics is an important research tool. Minitab statistical software is used throughout the course.

  • Pre-requisite: MATH 111 or 115 or STAT 110, or consent of department
  • Fulfills Carolina Core ARP